Freeing the Innocent

Stephen Jakobi, the internationally-recognised human rights lawyer, started devoting his working life to the cause of justice for foreigners at an age when most of his contemporaries were contemplating retirement. From an early age, Stephen believed it was his duty to give something back to society. From his schooldays he'd held an absolute mistrust of authority and hatred of victimisation; politics gave him a familiarity with media and public relations and over the years he gained the necessary experience of the practice of criminal law to become an effective human rights lawyer. Amongst the many headline names that Stephen has tried to help achieve justice are the British nanny Louise Woodward, the Greek plane spotters, the football fan Garry Mann and the Manchester United Six. But it all began with Karyn Smith, a British national in Thailand who was accused of smuggling heroin… Stephen founded Fair Trials International (then Fair Trials Abroad) in 1992, in response to Karyn Smith's case, believing that the right to a fair trial is one of the cornerstones of a just society. Behind him in his work has always been his wife Sally, supporting him and encouraging him to do what is right, however hard.

In the Mind of a Female Serial Killer

Walk into the darkest side of human behaviour. In the Mind of a Female Serial Killer is a forsenic investiagation into the lives and crimes of four violent female serial killers who were active in the late ninteenth and early twentieth centuries. Using original research based on family owned primary sources and government files only recently made available to the public, Stephen Jakobi delves in to the grisly psyche of these imfamout murderesses.

Meet Agnes Norman, the most successful know mass killer of her generation, yet who was onyl convicted of one attempted murder. With Louie Calvert, Stephen launches an investigation into the truth of her unique death cell autobiography, leading to her only known photograph and a third murder victim. Kate Webster commited one of the most notorious murders by a woman in the nineteenth century. Was she also responsible for the early Thames torso murders, a victorina crime sensation which rivalled Jack the Ripper? Finally, meeat the mysterious Mrs Willis, the baby famer whose last 'confession' of her true identity proved false.